The best Side of איחור טיסה

Yesh anashim she-tamid be-nesi’ot – There are people who find themselves normally on journeys, usually traveling – יש אנשים שתמיד בנסיעות

Hu kol ha-zman meshané et da'ato – He retains transforming his mind – הוא כל הזמן משנה את דעתו

The Hebrew phrase “sagur” signifies shut, but is additionally ever useful in earning specials and strategies, even fulfilling your hunger. Now Dude describes this word and its artful expressions about closing, finalizing, and wrapping things up.

Ta’im she-ata lo mevin – It's so scrumptious that you cannot consider it – טעים שאתה לא מבין

Hoshev et atsmo, hoshevet et atsma – He/she thinks really of himself/ herself – חושב את עצמו, חושבת את עצמה

Ze ma–ze horid li mimenu –What he did definitely place me off – זה מה-זה הוריד לי ממנו

Ani rotse lalechet la-ta’arucha ha-zo – I want to visit this exhibition – אני רוצה ללכת לתערוכה הזו

Ein li ma la'asot im ha-mechona ha-yeshana – I've bought very little to carry out While using the aged device – אין לי מה לעשות עם המכונה הישנה

Ani tsarich lit'on et ha-kartis – I have to charge the card – אני צריך לטעון את הכרטיס

Ani yoda'at she-yesh be-ze ta'am – I realize you can find sense in it - אני יודעת שיש בזה טעם

Ze ashkara lehikanes halak im mafteach – It’s practically receiving in efficiently with a critical – זה אשכרה להיכנס חלק עם מפתח

Im einech le-tsidi az ani lo chlum – If you are not by my facet, I am almost nothing – Sem você, meu amor, eu não sou ninguém – אם אינך לצידי אז אני לא כלום

Hitkasharti aval tafus kol ha-zman – I known as nevertheless it’s hectic on a regular basis – התקשרתי אבל תפוס כל הזמן

'Nai'm' here usually means nice, or pleasant. Let's find out all about pleasantness - Dude teaches us sentences with this phrase we use continuously, together with Hebrew names connected with its root. Oh, and How does one greet somebody who just acquired a haircut in Arabic?

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